Gray Sheds for Sale

Why a Gray Shed?

Gray Sheds

You can’t go wrong with a gray shed because it works well with any color. Besides its versatility, gray is a calming color that’s good for any trim color as well. Check out our gray sheds!

Siding Options for Gray Sheds

Board and Batten Siding

Our Board and Batten siding is made of durable engineered wood and treated with many different resins and waxes to ensure its integrity.

Smart Panel Siding

Our smart panel siding, also known as LP® SmartSide®, is made of durable engineered wood. With low-maintenance and high durability, you can’t go wrong.

Accent Colors for Gray Sheds

Can’t think of a good accent color to go with your gray shed? Hopefully, we can give you some inspiration. Below is a list of popular accent colors for gray sheds:

  • White is a good accent color because it’s essentially the lightest shade of gray, so they complement each other well.
  • Black is also a good accent color because it’s the darkest shade of gray, this allows them to look appealing together.
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